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Fire Pits & Fireplaces: 2015's Hottest Outdoor Living Trend

Fire Pits & Fireplaces: 2015
Posted in Trends Posted on June 29, 2015
outdoor firepit in a sunken random flagstone patio
interior, multi-storey stone fireplace

Backyard fire pits are where summer memories are made. Friends enjoying a cold fireside brew on a warm summer evening. Kids writing their names in the dark with the glowing ends of burning sticks. Marshmallows carefully roasted until, in a split-second of inattention, one goes up in flames.

As more and more homeowners decide to “stay-cation” in their own backyards, fire pits and fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular in landscape design. In fact, experts agree that outdoor fireplaces are one of the most sought after hardscape elements this year.

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), 78% of landscape architects who participated in the 2015 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey expected fire pits and fireplaces to be the most popular outdoor design element this year, beating out grills and seating/dining areas., a website offering inspiration for all aspects of outdoor living, included fire features in their list of 13 New Landscape Design Ideas to Steal in 2015. Even Bob Vila says a fire pit is one of this year’s 7 irresistible outdoor living trends.

And fire is not just for the outdoors. According to the May 2015 issue of Home Builder Magazine, indoor fireplaces are the most desired decorative feature in new homes, increasing a home’s perceived and appraised value.

If your next project includes a fire pit or fireplace, Select Stone has a variety of natural stone products to bring it to life. Check out our Pinterest boards for creative inspiration then call us for help choosing the right stone. We’ll even supply the marshmallows!