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Meet Noah...

Meet Noah...
Posted in About Us Posted on July 31, 2018

Continuing with our series of introductions, we are excited to tell you a little bit about Noah, our newest Customer Service team member. Read on to get to know him better.

Q: Tell our customers a little bit about yourself.
A: My name is Noah Huisman. I recently graduated from Mohawk College with a diploma in Business Marketing. I've always had a passion for sports and fitness.

Q: What did you do before coming to Select Stone?
A: I've been attending college for the past two years and working as a landscaper during the summer breaks. Last summer I worked in the yard here at Select Stone. That gave me a chance to meet some of our customers and become familiar with our products. 

Q: What one thing did you learn at school that will help you most in your role here?
A: I had the opportunity to work with a few real-life clients during my school term. Learning how to interpret a client's vision, then transition that understanding into a practical solution, will assist in my role here at Select Stone. In addition, the communication and problem-solving skills that I developed at school will help me become an effective Customer Service rep.

Q: What does great customer service mean to you?
A: Great customer service means going above and beyond for every customer we have the opportunity to serve. It includes treating all of our customers with the same level of respect and service, and never settling for the status quo.

Q: Okay, here's a fun one. If you had a time machine, where and when would you go?
A: I would travel to the beginning of human existence. I'd love to see how different the world was and learn how people survived.

Q: Do you think you could survive?
A: No question! My survival skills are a little rusty but I'd be building fires and catching fish in no time.

Q: If you were a superhero, what would your power be?
A: I'd have to choose the power to fly. I'm passionate about traveling and the ability to fly would make it easier to see the world. 

Q: Pick one of our core values and tell us why you're passionate about it.
A: I would say that Integrity is the core value I'm most passionate about. A strong relationship is built around trust. I want to ensure that each of our customers believes that anything they tell me will be handled with respect and confidentiality.

Q: What's your favourite stone and why?
A: My favourite stone is our Wiarton Buff. It's a soft beige colour with a faint blue streak through it. It's very unique.

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