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A piece of Wiarton natural stone coping

WIARTON natural coping

THICKNESS:  2-2.5"

DEPTH:  12"

LENGTH:  Random up to 4'

WEIGHT:  31 lbs per sf (avg.)

EDGE PROFILE:  Rockfaced

A piece of Wiarton natural stone banding

WIARTON natural banding

THICKNESS:  2-2.5", 2.5-3"

DEPTH:  12", 16", 18"

LENGTH:  Random up to 4'

WEIGHT:  34.5 lbs per sf (avg.)



  • Type: Limestone
  • Origin: Ontario
  • Coping comes rockfaced on one long face, banding is sawn on all sides
  • Also available as square cut flagstone and random flagstone
  • Other sizes and configurations available by special order


Natural stone is not a manufactured product. Variations in colour and texture are to be expected and enhance the unique and natural appeal of our products. These images provide a useful aid in stone selection; however, we strongly recommend reviewing physical samples before purchase.