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A Beige pebbletop guillotined step

BEIGE step

HEIGHT:  6-8”

TREAD:  16"

LENGTH:  3', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8'

WEIGHT:  128.25 lbs per lf (avg.)

FINISH:  Natural

An example of a Beige pebbletop random garden step

BEIGE random garden step

HEIGHT:  6-8”

TREAD:  Random

LENGTH:  Random

WEIGHT:  165 lbs per cu ft

FINISH:  Natural

A Beige pebbletop natural stone step riser

BEIGE step riser

SIZE:  7” H x 8" W x 16" L

WEIGHT:  85.5 lbs per pc

FINISH:  Natural



Natural stone is not a manufactured product. Variations in colour and texture are to be expected and enhance the unique and natural appeal of our products. These images provide a useful aid in stone selection; however, we strongly recommend reviewing physical samples before purchase.