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Are you tired of subbing out the masonry components of your projects and putting your company's reputation in someone else's hands? Do your jobs fall behind schedule because you only have one or two employees with masonry skills? Would you like to increase your profits by offering your clients upscale design features that demand a higher price?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our stone masonry courses are just what you need. Taught by two experienced masons, these hands-on courses will help you take back control of your projects by developing the skills within your own crew to be able to take on more complex - and more profitable - projects this spring.

"Anyone thinking of beginning natural stonework needs to take this course. It will help you see the difference between low, average and high quality workmanship."
(2014 Course Participant)

hand-dressing natural building stone with a mallet and mason's chisel

Introductory Stone Masonry

This course is for anyone with construction experience who wants to learn the basics of building mortared walls and pillars with natural stone.

You will learn:

  • What types of stone are locally available and how to choose the right one
  • Proper use and care of your masonry tools
  • What type of mortar to use and how to prepare it
  • How to dress stone for walls and corners (and what that even means!)
  • A variety of setting methods and bonding patterns
  • How to prevent wall failure by building on a solid foundation and allowing for drainage


Bonus offer: Students in the introductory course will receive a 2.5 lb mallet and heavy duty mason's chisel ($320 value) absolutely free!

Length: 5 days

Date: Jan 30 - Feb 3

Cost: $775


"A great course for beginners who are looking to learn the basics and at the same time great for more experienced people as a refresher." (Past Course Participant)

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stone masonry course participants learn the basics of building walls and pillars with natural stone

Intermediate Stone Masonry

This course is for anyone with a basic understanding of stone masonry who would like to build on their existing skills and apply them to more complex projects.

You will learn:

  • Advanced styles of bonding
  • How to build and cap curved walls
  • How to incorporate steps into a wall
  • Higher standards of craftsmanship


Length: 5 days

Date: Feb 13 - 17

Cost: $775


"Very helpful in understanding the different applications of stone and the importance of detail to make a successful product and happy customer." (Past Course Participant)

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learning to dress natural stone for walls and pillars

Flagstone Installation

This course is for anyone with construction experience who would like to learn how to install random and square cut flagstone in landscaping applications.

You will learn:

  • How to construct a proper foundation
  • What type of mortar to use and how to prepare it
  • How to dry-lay flagstone on a granular base
  • How to install flagstone over concrete (wet-lay)
  • How to combine stones into a suitable laying pattern


Length: 3 days

Date: Feb 27 - Mar 1

Cost: $775


"I have been in the business and have some experience but the course helped a lot and helped me realize there is a lot more to learn." (Past Course Participant)

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