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5 benefits of natural stone pool coping

Having a backyard pool installed is exciting but making decisions about design and materials can be daunting to inexperienced homeowners. Your clients want to feel they've made a smart investment in their home and they rely on your professional advice when it comes to choosing the right materials for their project. Here are five rock-solid reasons why natural stone pool coping is the smart choice.

What is Coping?

Coping is a flat stone typically used to cap the top of a garden or retaining wall. It hides the structural parts of the wall, keeping water and debris out and giving the wall a completed appearance. Similarly, pool coping protects the perimeter of a pool and provides a finished edge that visually connects the pool to the surrounding decking. While there are many different coping materials available, we believe there is no better choice than natural stone.

Benefits of Natural Stone Coping

There are many advantages to using stone for your next pool coping installation. Here are just a few of the reasons your clients will be happy they chose natural stone.

1. Unique Beauty 

No one wants their home to look just like every other house on the street and your clients are no exception. The authentic colours, random textures and utter uniqueness of each piece of natural stone simply can't be duplicated by manufactured products. No other material rivals stone for unique and long-lasting beauty.

2. Durability 

Many types of stone have low absorption rates, making them less susceptible to water and frost damage than other materials. And because stone has the same composition throughout, normal wear and tear does not alter its appearance. While manufactured products eventually break down and show their age, natural stone stands the test of time, increasing property value for many years into the future.

3. Low Maintenance 

Your clients want to spend time enjoying their pool, not maintaining it. Stone coping retains its natural beauty with no annual sealing, staining or painting required.

4. Safety

Once installed, stone coping is solid and secure. It won't tip, bend or break even under heavy use. In addition, stone provides a naturally non-slip surface in both dry and wet conditions, keeping swimmers safe around the pool.

5. Sustainability 

Natural stone is just that - natural. It uses less energy to produce than many other building materials. It requires no chemicals or hazardous additives and doesn't off-gas or emit harmful substances like VOCs. And, thanks to its extraordinary durability, when it is no longer needed for its original purpose it can be reused elsewhere so it never becomes landfill.

Choosing a Natural Stone Coping

The most exciting advantage of natural stone is its sheer variety of shape, type, colour and texture. Whether your clients know exactly what they want or are relying on you for a recommendation, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the right stone for your project.

  • What colour and type of stone suits your design? Will you need matching materials for the surrounding pool deck?

  • Will standard, rectangular coping be sufficient or does the project call for custom curves and sizes? What width and thickness are required?

  • What edge profile will best suit the client’s lifestyle and design? Rockfaced coping is common but bullnosed or straight edges are less likely to scrape skin or catch on bathing suits. Straight-edge coping is perfect for sleek, modern designs whereas rockfaced or bullnosed edges are a more traditional design element.

At Select Stone Supply, we help pool and landscaping contractors find the right stone coping for their projects. Visit our yard to view our extensive stock of domestic and imported stones. If your project calls for something truly unique, we can fabricate custom pool coping to your specifications from our popular selection of exclusive and custom stones. Our Natural Stone Specialists are here to answer all your questions – give us a call today.

Natural stone may cost more initially than other products but its unique beauty and sustainability will elevate both your design and your client’s backyard. With almost no ongoing maintenance costs, inherent safety features and outstanding durability, it’s easy to see why stone coping is a smart investment for your clients.