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5 reasons custom-ordered stone makes good business sense

The home improvement industry is highly competitive, whether you're a landscape contractor, designer, architect, mason or homebuilder. To attract and sign new clients, you need to offer them a design that matches their dream for their home; a promise of quality backed up by your reputation and references; and a fair and affordable price. Here are five ways our custom stone fabricating services can give you an edge in all three of these areas.

1. Reduce Waste, Save Money 

Buying a larger stone than you need, so you can cut it down to size, creates waste. Why pay for material that you're just going to throw away? When you order custom-fabricated stone, you pay only for the product you need. We select raw material whose size and other characteristics are best suited to your order, often cutting more than one order from the same stone, minimizing waste and creating savings that we can pass along to you.

2. Reduce Risk, Save Money 

Has this ever happened to you? You've cut a piece of stone out of a larger slab (creating a lot of waste in the process) and, when you're just about finished rockfacing it, a corner breaks off forcing you to start again. Breakage causes waste and increases your material costs, coming right out of your profit. When you order custom-fabricated product from us, we assume the risk. You pay the original quoted price and never have to pay for breakage.

3. Save Time, Save Money 

Custom-ordered product arrives at your jobsite ready to install so you're not paying for staff and equipment to fabricate it on site. This not only saves you money on overhead, but enables you to finish projects faster, freeing up resources for the next job.

4. Save Time, Make Money  

We fabricate most of our custom orders right here in our yard, so we can turn them around much faster than stone yards who have to wait for it to be produced and shipped from the quarry. This allows you to give your customer exactly what they want and meet your project deadlines - it's a win-win. Plus, because you can get your projects done faster, you can complete more of them, making the most of a short season.

5. Thrill Your Customers, Attract More Customers  

Most experts agree that word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful and valuable form of marketing there is. Imagine how thrilled your customers will be to work with a professional who can create exactly what they envisioned without going over budget or extending deadlines. Happy customers tell other potential customers, resulting in more business for you.

The practicality of ordering custom natural stone products depends on many things, including project design, timeline and budget. But, when you consider the potential labour and material savings and increased earnings, it's clear that custom-ordered stone is often a smart business decision.

To learn more about our stone processing services, visit our Custom Stone Fabrication page. Or, to custom order stone for your next project, contact our Customer Service Representatives.